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Skoolz Out Corona Virus (Covid 19) Procedures

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                                         Skoolz Out  After School Service

Corona Virus (Covid 19) Procedures


Skoolz Out After School Service fully recognises the impact of the Corona virus and the importance of preventing the spread of the virus within its setting.

In line with the Scottish Government guidance for school age children we will take the following action:

·        Stringent cleaning regime involving the cleaning and disinfecting touchpoints such as table-tops, chairs, doors, door handles, light switches, hard surfaces, equipment, toilets, buzzer, (handles, taps, sinks)

·        Regular cleaning of commonly touched objects and surfaces; start of session during and end of session.

·        Toys and resources (that can be cleaned) will be cleaned when groups of children change using standard detergent and disinfectant that are active against viruses and bacteria.

·        Crockery (plates, cups, bowls, and cutlery) will be cleaned with anti-bacterial washing up liquid after use.

·        Snack will be self-service to minimise cross contamination

·        Doors and windows will be kept open to increase natural ventilation

·        Staff will ensure that parents and carers collect their child/children from the main entrance and do not enter the playroom

Enhanced Hand hygiene:

·        Staff and children will use hand sanitiser before entering the playroom at start of session.

·        Staff will ensure children put their school bags and jackets in the designated area.

·        The same staff will be on permanent school pick-up whenever possible.

·        Staff will supervise hand wash for their pickup group before snack

·        Children will be asked to wash their hands before and after taking part in activities. 

·        Hand sanitiser will be provided for children at entrance to outdoor play and children will use the hand sanitiser when they come inside at any time.

·        Children will wash their hands after using the toilet. Anti-bacterial hand wash and Disposable towels will be used.

·        If anyone coughs or sneezes or touches their face they will be asked to use hand sanitiser.           

            Children will be encouraged to play outside as much as possible


Physical Distancing: Increased separation/Decreased interaction

Staff will limit contact with children by setting up activities and supervising play from a safe distance


Children’s groups:

Children will be split into groups of 8. Children will pick an area for play and stay until session finished for the day.

Playground, I C T or main activity room


·        Staff members will work with the same groups where possible throughout the day, and a number of key workers may work together. If staff need to work with other groups, this must be for limited periods. (under 15 minutes)


Physical distancing between adults in the setting:


·        Physical distancing of 2 metres must be maintained between adults.


 When a child or staff member displays symptoms of Covid 19:


·        If a child displays symptoms consistent with COVID 19 while in the setting, a ventilated space will be made available for the child to wait in until they can be collected by their parent.

·        Where space allows, staff should prevent contact between any other children in the setting.

·        All staff and parents and carers should be advised that people who have symptoms, or who have household members who have symptoms, should not attend the setting, and should follow advice to self-isolate and book a test.


Test and protect:

Should someone become unwell the Manager and staff must follow Test and Protect arrangements. If a member of the staff team has symptoms, they must contact the NHS to arrange to be tested at 0800 028 2816 or

P.P.E. Guidance:    

·        Routine activities: No PPE is required when undertaking routine activities in settings.

·        Suspected COVID-19: Gloves, aprons and a fluid-resistant surgical mask should be worn by staff if a child or young person becomes unwell with symptoms of COVID-19 and needs direct personal care.

·        Eye protection should also be worn if a risk assessment determines that there is a risk of splashing to the eyes such as from coughing, spitting, or vomiting.

·        Gloves and aprons should be used when cleaning the areas where a person suspected of having COVID-19 has been.

·        Gloves and aprons should be used when cleaning equipment or surfaces that might be contaminated with body fluids such as saliva or respiratory secretions.

Intimate care:

·        Gloves and aprons should continue to be used when providing intimate care to a child or young person. This can include personal, hands-on care such as washing, toileting, or first aid.


Risk of splashing to the eyes such as from coughing, spitting, or vomiting:


·        Fluid-resistant surgical masks and eye protection should also be worn if a


Mosspark After School Service will take every precaution to minimise the risk of Covid 19 and the Manager will inform the relevant bodies of any possible symptoms of the virus straight away.


Policy adopted


Review as necessary


Isobel Crossan



Christine Gray

Depute Manager


Please sign to acknowledge you have read the Corona Virus (Covid 19)

Procedures and fully understand your role and responsibilities


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Children's Rights

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The aim of Scotland’s Play Charter is to:

Highlight that every child has the right to play in line with Article 31 of the UNCRC* and raise awareness of the importance of play for all children and young people

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Ronald McDonald House

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Isobel, Christine and some of the children visited Ronald McDonald house this week and donated £100 from our fundraising event we held before Christmas. The children were excited about giving the cash and were made very welcome at the house. Staff showed the children round and explained to them about the benefits there is for parents staying at the house. The children have asked to return and were vocal about other charities they would like to help. I’m sure you would all agree that it’s always nice to give to others less fortunate.  



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Easter Holiday Programme 2019

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